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Fresh tomatoes
Best jams from Harris Tree Farm
The freshest ingredients possible at Sample the Sierra

1000 people could taste what you have to offer!

Sample the Sierra is a Farm-to-Fork Festival where local restaurant chefs use locally sourced ingredients in tasting samples they prepare for the crowd of over 1,500 people. These food samples are then paired with wine, beer or spirits also from the Sierra Nevada region to make a unique 3 way pairing event where attendees get to taste the best the Sierra Nevada has to offer.

Our goal is to get our local restaurant owners and chefs familiar with food providers right in their own back yards. We hope by having your business on our list of providers for the festival, that long-term relationships will be established and more local food options will be available in our restaurants.

Chefs are required to use at least one local ingredient in their samples at the festival. Signing up to be a provider allows Sample the Sierra to feature your business on the list that we give to Chefs with options about farmers or producers they can buy local products from.

We ask that if you would like to be one of our featured farmers or producers that you give our participating chefs a bulk discount on the products they purchase from you. They will likely need enough ingredients to create 1000 samples!

Sample the Sierra will feature your business on our website and on the festival menu information that will be given out to the attendees. You will also receive two full tasting tickets to the festival to use and enjoy the event.