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Put some spice in your life! We all sure could use some about now! Whether it’s spices that turn daily dinner into restaurant meals, or holiday season custom baskets for that special gift, Heart Rock herb and spice blends are the variety of life!

You can unlock all that fresh goodness for the preparation of your daily meals with the help of Heat Rock Herb & Spice Company. We know the pandemic is challenging and that home meal prep could use a boost – we have the solution! More than 80 spice blends from All-Purpose to Zahtar, with popular favorites including Tahoe Meat Rub, Tahoe Taco, Sierra Chef, Tahoe Herb Salt, Tahoe Salmon offering overwhelming diversity and great taste.

During Sample the Sierra festival, we’re partnering with Cold Water Brewery and providing our Herb de Provence blend for their Short Ribs entree.

And to celebrate Sample the Sierra festival, Heart Rock Herb & Spice has a special offer: 

Purchase three 4 oz. tins and receive the fourth free; order six and get two free. (In the comments section of the site, indicate which blends you want as your “Free Bonus”. Order by September 30.)

Tasty meals and distinctive gift baskets for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or just to celebrate life, are just a click away:

For personal assistance call 775-588-3993 or e-mail:

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