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As the Sample the Sierra festival ramps up for its 10th anniversary on September 14, local vendors are invited to apply to participate. This annual farm-to-fork festival is an authentic representation of the culture of our region, and you can be a part of that experience!

Why sign up to be a Sample the Sierra Vendor?

• Showcase your business to more than 1,600 event attendees.
• Reinforce loyalty with current relationships and find new quality business partners from the Sierra Nevada region.
• Gain national media exposure from renowned publications such as Huffington Post, CNN Travel, the LA Times, the NY Times and Washington Post.
• Submit any event, deal, tour, or special offering during the month of September, and it will be promoted on the Sample the Sierra website.

In 2018 Sample the Sierra generated over 7.7 million media impressions:

• 6M impressions generated by online advertising and content
• 1.5M impressions generated by print advertising and content
• 200K impressions generated by social media promotion
• 77% of guests will visit a participating winery/brewery after attending the festival
• 31K impressions generated by digital influencer promotion

Here are some statistics about the customer you are likely to gain from this event:

• 93% of guests will visit a participating restaurant after attending the festival
• 77% of guests will visit a participating winery/brewery after attending the festival
• Overnight visitors spend an average of $515 during their 3-night stay
• 49% of guests are visitors to the area

Apply here to be a vendor (Brewery, Winery, Distillery, Chef/Restaurant, Artist, or Farmer/Producer), and we will see you in September!

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