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Sample the Sierra organizers upped their tech game by partnering with the new Kynbo™ app to help guests find what they crave with one tap.

Hungry diners can see menus and find their exact cravings, down to the ingredient or type of cocktail. Kynbo™ is the foodie search engine on steroids.

Guests at Sample the Sierra festival can download the free app, select the “Sample the Sierra” filter and all participating restaurants’ menus, photos and specials pop up on a map. With one tap, guests can see menus, photos, and specials. They can also search for a specific dish, brand, or even dietary preferences. If the word(s) is on the menus, it will be found.

Kynbo™ is also a tool for restaurants to connect with guests whenever they choose. Operators can broadcast specials and events such as tastings or live music to nearby diners, in real time. Guests stay connected with the restaurants during and long after the event.

Kynbo™ was founded in Truckee, CA by two Silicon Valley transplants, Thao Doan and John Doolan. It was recently launched in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii. The 2017 Sample the Sierra Festival is the first time the Kynbo app will be used to connect guests with participating restaurants in a new and useful way. Kynbo will soon be rolled out across the U.S. this coming year.

Doan and Doolan are lifelong locavores and advocates of sustainability, which is why this partnership with Farm to Fork is a match made in foodie heaven.

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