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Chef Stephen Gill is the Executive Chef at Cherry Bomb Catering and a newcomer to the Sierra Chef Challenge.

Stephen Gill welcomes every challenge that has been thrown at him, from creating an award-winning dish with Rocky Mountain Oysters to serving up a gourmet experience to thousands in the middle of the desert. He utilizes his knowledge of traditional dishes and a lifetime of culinary experiences to create one-of-a-kind fare even in the most extreme venues. “Gill”, as he is affectionately called, is a master at his craft.

In Stephen’s own words, here is his culinary journey: “I was born and raised on the East Coast in New Jersey, across the river from Philadelphia, PA – the home of real pizza, cheese steaks, and hoagies. Living not too far from the ocean, my Bostonian parents taught me the love of seafood, including clams, oysters, crabs, and how to make proper wicked “chowda”. I love to cook: I love to eat”

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