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Mountain Bounty Farm
is a 16-acre organic family farm in Western Nevada County, focused primarily on growing outstanding vegetables, fruits and cut flowers for their farm box subscription program (CSA, see below). They also sell to local stores and restaurants, and at the weekend farmers markets in Nevada City and Truckee.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a social-economic-agricultural model that connects you with your food in a very tangible way, and also with the land and people who grow it. Customers purchase a share of the harvest, establishing a relationship of mutual support with their farm family. You can join by subscribing to a 6-month growing season, Winter/Spring or Summer/Fall (anyone can sign up anytime at a prorated price). Your investment supports the farm’s costs to begin growing your food for the season, and you reap the harvest of what they sow. Every week, you get the freshest, most nutritious and taste-tested veggie and fruits that their 20+ years of experience can provide, for pickup at a convenient location in your neighborhood. You save money, too: Mountain Bounty’s veggie shares exceed their retail value by at least 15% every season. They also offer extended payment plans to help families subscribe to fresh local produce.

CSA-based food systems connect you directly with your family farm– with farmers you know by name who use careful land stewardship practices to grow exceptional food in your community. The vibrant produce in your box every week encourages your family to eat more vegetables and experiment with new items you might not normally try on your own, like mild Japanese salad turnips and sweet Nantes carrots (although they prioritize familiar staple veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, and corn). CSAs benefit you, your family, the local economy and the environment.

John Tecklin started Mountain Bounty Farm in 1997, and since then the farm has become an increasingly collaborative effort. John and his wife Angie work closely with a team of experienced farmers, and they accept 5 new interns each season. Over time, members develop a relationship with the farm and its family. This is particularly rewarding for John & Angie, and the other farmers—they love seeing children growing up on their produce. Some of their members have been eating Mountain Bounty Farm veggies since before their kids were born, whose children are now in college and subscribing on their own!

The current Summer 2015 Season runs through early November– you can sign up anytime to start receiving the many benefits of a CSA! Sign ups for the Winter 2017-18 Season begin on October 1. Find them on Facebook and Instagram!MB_logo_whitebkgrd pdf

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