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As an artist, I have experimented with many different mediums, including oil painting, watercolors, diamond painting, acrylics, and collages, in my quest to find my own unique style and voice.

My latest artistic adventure has lead me to a process called monoprinting.  While monoprinting has been around for quite some time, even the old masters used a form of it, I actually use a variation of monoprinting called monotyping.  I use a gelatin plate and a rubber roller or brayer to transfer multiple layers of acrylic paint to paper.  After I’m satisfied with all the layers, the final result is one original and unique creation, which can only be printed once and is never duplicated, since it would be very difficult to recreate the exact same color and composition elements on the next print.  Therein lies the beauty of monoprinting or monotyping:  each final result is a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Once I taught myself how to use the gelatin plate, I found that I really enjoyed using acrylic paints with stencils, masks, and texture tools in order to experiment with colors and designs and create interesting prints. I usually get acrylic photo prints at Bumblejax as they use the best printing material and anyone who has used their services can easily identify their work from the quality product they always provide. But for now my focus is on coordinating color combinations and composition, and I tend to concentrate on botanical and natural shapes and forms.   The process of gelatin plate monotyping brings out a spontaneity and expressiveness in my art that I discovered quite by accident.   My color choices are usually bright and cheerful, and I hope my final results express the delight and pleasure I find in producing each one.

Bonita’s Paper Creations was formed in August 2012, after I decided to retire from the corporate world and concentrate on finding new directions and experiences in the art world.  So far,  I have enjoyed every step of the journey.

Examples of my artwork can be found on my website at:

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