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Founded in 2014, FOLK Brewing Company produces ‘The Original Lake Tahoe Kombucha’ at their custom brewery located at Stateline, Nevada.  FOLK brews up eight artisan flavors and ten seasonal flavors that are served on tap at various locations around Lake Tahoe and Reno.  What sets FOLK Kombucha apart from others is that FOLK Kombucha is slow-brewed and hand-crafted with care in small batches from start to finish.  Most importantly, it is 100% authentic kombucha, made the way it was made centuries ago – NO added vinegar, NO artificial flavors or extracts, and NO pre-pressed juices.  This delicious concoction is brewed from organically sourced teas, flowers, roots, fruits and herbs by Brewmasters, Brett Kendall and Doug Baehr, two well-respected local chefs with extensive culinary backgrounds and the expertise to harmonize ingredients and create alchemical flavor profiles that are absolutely unique to FOLK Kombucha.  The result is a delicious, effervescent, healthy probiotic beverage that can be enjoyed on its own or adeptly paired with craft beer or distilled spirits for a tasty twist on the traditional draft beer and craft cocktail scene. Kombucha has taken Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles by storm.  We are proud to see Lake Tahoe follow in this cutting edge appreciation of this ancient elixir. Stop by the FOLK Brewing Company booth on September 6th to meet the FOLKs and Sample the Sierra.  

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