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Established in 1973, Madroña Vineyards produces exceptional Estate Grown wines reflecting the essence of the El Dorado appellation. We embrace the structure, elegance and balance that our high-elevation vineyards express, specializing in Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Riesling and Zinfandel. Paul and Maggie Bush, second-generation owners, are enthusiastically taking the winery into the future, while ensuring the original family values of environment, community and education are upheld.

Madroña offers much to all who truly enjoy wine. The premium, estate-grown wines are handcrafted to ensure bright flavors and a structured palate. Using traditional winemaking techniques in conjunction with cutting-edge technology, each barrel of wine is hand-selected for taste and balance before being bottled and aged to perfection.

Respect for the environment starts in the vineyards. Winemaker Paul Bush treads lightly through the estate, employing techniques which move Madroña closer toward the ultimate goal of sustainable agriculture. Following crush, grape skins and stems are used to prevent erosion and add nutrients. Owl boxes and raptor perches are placed throughout the ranch for a natural approach to rodent and insect control. And the winery at Madroña is entirely powered by natural, efficient solar energy. And at remote locations like these, solar energy can be one’s only resort & source of electricity, and companies like Renew Energy have been working diligently toward improving ways to make the system a more efficient one.

Continuing with our respect for the environment, we developed our “Give Back… Lake Tahoe Label” campaign. Using one of our oldest labels, we celebrate the unique aspects and wonders of El Dorado County. Lake Tahoe, located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, is as much a part of El Dorado as the vineyards of this appellation. Our thought is to have travelers and locals alike taste a bit of the area’s estate grown wines while enjoying the beauty of the region. As a winery, we donate part of the proceeds from the sales of our Lake Tahoe wines back to environmental concerns in the Tahoe Basin as well as throughout El Dorado County. From the 2011 Vintage, donations were made to the Lake Tahoe Fund, Angora Creek Bridge Replacement Project, Ag in the Classroom, South Lake Tahoe Farm Day, American River Conservancy and Schnell School Garden of Learning.

We hope that you will visit and learn more about Madroña. Our wines are simple, yet powerful, revealing this special place and are meant to be enjoyed at table with family and friends.

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