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Tahoe Bath and Candle Works 1234 is a small, family owned company located in the beautiful and historic Carson Valley, in the town Gardnerville. This gorgeous valley sits at the foot of the High Sierra, in the shadow of the peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe.

UntitledEach and every one of their bath and candle products is carefully mixed and pressed or cured according to time honored recipes and techniques.  These processes take more time and cost more money, but they feel that the results are worth it.  In fact, they absolutely guarantee it!12

The bath side of Tahoe Bath and Candle Works includes luxurious lotions, body oils, soaps made with goats milk and shea butter, lip balms, bubble bath and bath bombs made with jojoba oil and bath salts.   Check out their new Tahoe Brio line of products that will be featured at Sample The Sierra!  Soaps and oils made with carrot tissue oil from organic carrots found at our local farmers markets. 5234

Tahoe Bath and Candle Works use only 100% pure soy for a clean burning, non-toxic candle.  Adding a generous amount of fragrance, vibrant colors and a natural cotton wick to create a candle everyone can enjoy!

Stop by their booth at Sample The Sierra, say hi and try out their awesome products!

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