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Unknown Unknown-4Tahoe Blue Vodka is a small, family owned business led by four dreamers who were bold enough to think they could make an extraordinarily smooth, distinct vodka and do so in a way that helped protect majestic Lake Tahoe.  As local owners, we – Matt and Melody Levitt and Chris and Kristen DeMay refined the recipe, won hoards of medals from tasting competitions and charmed the taste buds of vodka drinkers and lively individuals everywhere.   How? By tasting the vodka.  Where?  All over the Lake Tahoe area and Reno.

As the original blended vodka, we are the trailblazers for blending just the right combination of grape, grain and sugarcane to produce a vodka that has clarity and taste.  We never tire of hearing our top comment at tasting events, “Wow!  That’s smooth.”

Unknown-3When we started, we made a commitment to create a vodka that embodies the free spirit and natural purity of Lake Tahoe. We also made a commitment to pledge a significant portion of every bottle sold to efforts that help maintain Lake Tahoe’s legendary clarity.   We’re proud to be a locally owned company. Our dream has always been to make an extraordinary vodka every bit as distinct as the lake.

Headquartered and distributed out of beautiful Lake Tahoe, our vodka is the Tahoe spirit, combining the freedom of the landscape, the timelessness of the lake, the clarity of the air and the moxie of the mountains. There’s an unmistakable feeling you get when you’re experiencing the boundlessness of Lake Tahoe. It’s the same feeling whether you’re boating or beach-going in the open summers or you’re cutting fresh tracks or lodge-lounging in the crisp winters.  It’s the Tahoe spirit, and it’s captured in Tahoe Blue Vodka—the Spirit of Lake Tahoe.

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