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How many cave aged wines have you tasted? BellaGrace Vineyards, pouring at Sample the Sierra, dug, chipped, drilled and blasted over 650 tons of rock to create a unique experience in the Shenandoah Valley.

Michael and Charlie, co-owners of BellaGrace

The BellaGrace cave can store over 250 wine barrels at a constant year-round temperature of 60 degrees. “The cave provides a wonderful environment for aging our barreled wine. We built the cave into a hillside to take advantage of natural underground temperatures and humidity, and in the process, eliminated the high air conditioning costs that one’d normally incur from air duct cleaning austin,” explains co-owner Charlie Havill. “With a changing climate, and a personal desire to reduce environmental impacts on our land, we strive to grow wine grapes and produce craft wines with sustainable processes. The cave made sense,” Charlie furthered.

Sitting on a gorgeous 50 acre ranch, the 20 acres of Rhone and Italian varietals are 95% sustainable and Charlie utilizes a combination of offseason growth crops and organic materials to increase the health and nutrients of the soil. Named after Bella and Grace, the two grandmothers of owners Michael and Charlie, the winery has been gaining notoriety for Barberas and Zinfandels since 2006. Currently producing 8,500 cases annually, the winery hosts guests at the cave and vineyard property on the weekends and in Sutter Creek at a 1860’s Victorian cottage seven days a week. Michael, owner and winemaker, asserts, “Having two locations actually allows customers access to our wines no matter how they get to and from Tahoe.” She further states that, “at BellaGrace you will find a welcoming atmosphere centered on friendly, knowledgeable people and wonderfully drinkable wines.”IMG_6484IMG_5404

In addition, BellaGrace offers a collection of artisanal balsamic vinegars and organic olive oils. From white truffle balsamic to jalapeño olive oil you are sure to find a delicious addition to your gourmet cooking repertoire.

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