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There are certainly stores and organizations, particularly in a community such as El Dorado County, which care about their customers; but for Tahoe Spice Works it’s a matter of personal pride. Owned and operated by the very same family on which all their spices and seasonings are tested before going on the shelf, Tahoe Spice Works produces and distributes fully organic products and online recipes which any and all of their customers can take advantage of. Their popularity among local families has made them a great candidate for this year’s Sample the Sierra Festival, and their delicious spices have made them a perfect fit for a highly skilled staff of chefs such as the one from Exquisite Grill.

Tahoe Spice Works Logo

Using their own spices in their own recipes before selling them, Tahoe Spice Works is adamant that they would never feed their customers anything they would not eat themselves. From this point, they offer herbs, spices, and blends which are all backed by numerous studies confirming their various health benefits. They have even gone so far as to create a page on their website which corroborates their claims of health benefits with an extensive list of proven effects which their ingredients and blends have on those who use them. Tahoe Spice Works Collection

Through open email correspondence and comments on their facebook page, it seems that this business has few– if any– dissatisfied customers. A plethora of patrons have complimented the flavors of Tahoe Spice Works products and thanked the owners for the recipes which they have been able to create wonderful meals out of.

Tahoe Spice Works Seasonings

The testimonials on their website are enough to prove that the owners of this business put as much care into preparing the spices they distribute to their customers as they do to the meals which they make for their own family.  From all-purpose spices to recipe-specific blends to a complete package of all they have to offer, Tahoe Spice Works carries a wide selection of carefully made spices and seasonings which have been enjoyed by all who have used them and coveted by all those who have heard of their indisputable high quality.  This year, we’re very proud to have Tahoe Spice Works partner with Exquisite Grill in order to join us at the 4th Annual Sample the Sierra Festival and share the flavors their products create with new potential customers.

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