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Having already become participants in the farm-to-fork movement and having mastered the art of food and wine pairings, the staff and investors (many of whom are one and the same) of Tahoe Ridge Winery & Marketplace have created a restaurant and wine distributor which both draws in customers and fits easily into events such as the Annual Sample the Sierra Festival. Famous for its wines, olive oils, vinegars, and general friendly service, Tahoe Ridge has gained a great deal of positive notoriety within the Carson Valley area as well as beyond region’s limits.

Tahoe Ridge Winery LogoReviews from satisfied tourists, write-ups in several newspapers, and high ratings on travel sites have all praised the quality of wines, foods, olive oils, ambiance, and service. In fact, many visitors lament not being able to visit the restaurant/winery more times, or for longer spans thereof. The staff has been described numerous times as being welcoming and knowledgeable, understanding customer requests and allowing them to take their time tasting wine and olive oil selections before deciding which one they wish to have bottled up to take home with them. The chefs are similarly described as knowing what they’re doing, creating dishes which are nearly always enjoyed by those who receive them– some of which are truly adventurous, with everything on the menu changing according to the season’s theme.

Fun, friendly, and high-quality, there is only word of caution which any visitors have extended: don’t be tempted to stop by if you’re in a rush. With great deals such as a Tuesday – Saturday Happy Hour schedule and a Women in Need of Sanity Ladies’ Night, in addition to several tasting rooms intended for wines and olive oils alike, Tahoe Ridge is a place that’s easy to get caught up in. The winery/restaurant is designed for long visits, long meals, and relaxation; and a brief trip can’t fully do its usual quality and extensive product selection proper justice. Regulars are a common sight as a result, some of them coming from several cities and several hours away because they have that deep of an appreciation for the place.Tahoe Ridge Winery Wine Barrels

All of its food is fresh as well, having a true “farm-to-table” taste that many restaurants cannot match. Every customer has a favorite dish, and the most common reasons for such choices to be made are the consistency with which the foods are so well-made and the freshness of the ingredients which are used. The wines are also consistent in their varying and highly interesting flavors, originating with a special variety of grape which was found to grow particularly well in high elevations. Tahoe Ridge Wine As unique as they are delicious, all the items on Tahoe Ridge’s menu are well-worth trying. As such, we’re more than happy to have them join us at this year’s 4th Annual Sample the Sierra. While a brief visit may be ill-advised at the Tahoe Ridge itself, a quick sampling of what it has to offer at Sample the Sierra is likely to draw you towards a longer stay and a more in-depth examination of its full menu.

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