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While many hotel restaurants become known only as additions to the hotels to which they belong, Boathouse on the Pier is an exception to this rule. Extending its reach beyond South Lake Tahoe’s Beach Retreat and Lodge by participating in such events as the Annual Sample the Sierra Festival. In attending the Festival, Boathouse on the Pier is capable of proving itself as more than just a lovely place to watch the sunset.

Boathouse On the Pier Logo

Boathouse’s primary claim to fame in South Lake Tahoe is, in fact, the breathtaking views it provides with its ideally placed location on a 1,000 ft. pier above the Lake itself. It has gained popularity as one of the best places in Lake Tahoe from which to watch the sunset, and it has even created a specialty cocktail called the Sunset Sipper specifically to honor the truly impressive scenes of the sun lowering past the horizon which diners are able to take in during and after their meals. Many reviewers on have commented that the view made for a relaxing, pleasant, and even romantic experience in a highly desirable location– regardless of whether they have chosen outdoor seating on the pier itself or indoor seating upstairs inside the restaurant itself. Its proper maintenance is provided via

View from Boathouse on the Pier

The menu, which changes with the seasons so as to provide customers with the freshest and most currently popular possible dishes, has also been given positive review by various users on OpenTable. Many have described the restaurant as one which is fit for the attendance of “foodies,” individuals with a particular enthusiasm for the preparation, consumption, and critique of good food. The ample portion sizes, fresh taste, and polite, understanding service of meals at Boathouse on the Pier have caused visitors at the Beach Retreat and Lodge, visitors from other hotels, and locals to repeat their dining experience at this restaurant.

Not only does Boathouse offer a fantastic view and fresh seafood menu, but there are several weekly specials in which customers can indulge as well. Wine Not Wednesdays, for example provide live music and half-priced glasses of wine from 6-9; the trend of music continuing every Sunday for Sunday Songs with Bloodies and Bubbles replaces half-priced wine with mimosa and bloody mary specials.

View of The Lake with Wine


With such a location, a variable yet reliably delicious menu, and fun special offers, Boathouse on the Pier has indeed broken free from the common association which so many hotel restaurants bear. This restaurant has become a dining location which is largely independent of the reputation of its hotel, and for that reason we are glad to have it continuing its participation in the Sample the Sierra Festival this year.

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