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There are times, particularly in a place like South Lake Tahoe, where prosperity begets further prosperity and creates a story which must be shared at events such as our local Sample the Sierra. A near-perfect example of such a story is Stateline Brewery, which was born from the achievements of survival accomplished by Cecil’s Market. The general store thrived for over 60 years in its hometown, even hosting the local post office for some time, until it was demolished in 2000 – only to be quickly rebuilt in a brand new building in the year 2003. It was in this new location, situated between Stateline’s casinos and Heavenly’s Gondola at 4118 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, that Cecil’s Market began sharing its space with Stateline Brewery; which has steadily grown in eminence and prominence since this cooperative relationship began. The varied wares offered by Cecil’s Market are nicely balanced by the highly praised selections of Stateline Brewery’s lunch, dinner, banquet, and happy hour selections.

Dividing its menu between its standard fare, some particularly original specialty drinks, a rather large selection of wines, and brews which it describes in detail for the benefit of new customers who are not yet familiar with its quality products, Stateline Brewery has become an effectively run and much-loved local restaurant in its own right without depending too heavily upon Cecil’s Market for positive notoriety. Boasting a wide variety of menu items, a clean atmosphere, and even a children’s menu for family visits, it’s hardly a wonder Stateline Brewery has become something of a local favorite.

While it’s a popular place to spend an afternoon for those who already know the quality of its menu, with lunch beginning at 11:00 am, happy hour starting at 3:00 pm, and dinner menus being offered from 4:30 pm; tourists and locals alike who are new to its selection can easily sample the quality brews it has to offer at this year’s Sample the Sierra festival. After all, this restaurant is a prime example of prosperity leading to further prosperity through cooperation and independent capability alike; and as such, Sample the Sierra is proud to have it on our list of participants this year.

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