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This year promises a great lineup of wineries which we are certainly looking forward to tasting at this year’s Sample the Sierra festival.  We have asked our participating wineries to share some of their pairing suggestions with us so that we may share them with you!  Richard & Diane Stading, the founders of Auriga Wine Cellars have contributed a great recommendation to get your taste buds ready for our festival over Labor Day Weekend.

Auriga Wines - El Dorado CountyAuriga Wines were named after the ancient Greek & Roman constellation, more commonly referred to as the “charioteer.”   The story goes like this: “In ancient times, Auriga was associated with the nurse of Zeus. When Zeus grew up, he rewarded the nurse with a horn endowing it with magical properties, so that whosoever possessed it should obtain in abundance all he desired and find it a “horn of plenty.” The Horn of Plenty, is a symbol of abundance, fruitfulness and prosperity, and is represented by a horn filled to overflowing with fruits and flowers.”  The Greek lantern depicted on the Auriga wine label is a reproduction of lanterns used in ancient times. The Stadings feel it is a fitting symbol of the Charioteer, Auriga and the legend.

Pairing Suggestion from Diane Stading, Founder of Auriga Wine Cellars:

The 2011 Sauvignon Blanc is a must try for summertime. You will delight in the fresh crisp flavors wrapped in citrus and grass tones with hints of melon. The color is a bright gold with a slight turbidity, indicating that the wine has not been fined and was slightly filtered. Following is the suggested pairing recipe for shrimp ceviche.

Shrimp Ceviche Recipe - Auriga Wines

The 2010 Sangiovese, a specialty of the foothills, offers delicious flavors of young spring raspberries and strawberries with a light spiciness.  Floral notes, bright acidity and herbal tones of basil, thyme and sage will leave you begging for more. Auriga recommends serving this wine with light BBQ fair such as Cornish game hem, fish or antipasto. Or, try this recipe for Mediterranean lamb burgers on the grill.

Mediterranean Lamb Burger Recipe - Auriga Wines

We hope you enjoy the recipes and welcome your comments and questions!

To learn more about Aurgia Wine Cellars or to contact Diane Stading please visit their website

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